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1 track tunnel for wide curves - N scale

SKU: 1251.R456
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N scale reproduction (1:60) of an internal tunnel tunnel for single track railway lines.

Adapt it to lines with wide curves with radius R4 = 329 mm, R5 = 362.6 mm, R6 = 480 mm (Fleischmann standard) and is to be combined with the corresponding portal for the same radii (initial code 1250.R456). Each tunnel is approximately 100 mm long and it is possible to extend it with other elements of the same type.

It makes no difference whether it curves left or right and is suitable for both lines with and without catenary.

It is equipped with an upper hole to facilitate the insertion of a possible anchoring system for the overhead line.

3D printed with FDM technology in ecological dark gray PLA material, it is supplied to be painted.

Finishing of bioPLA tunnels

Tunnel H0 finish
The tunnel is supplied in a single piece, it does not require assembly. It can be assembled to the portal or to other items of the same type. Use cyanoacrylate glue for fast and resistant fixing.

Surface preparation
Give it a light sanding with 180/240 grit sandpaper and possibly a second pass with a finer grit. With the piece clean and dry, you can use a spray putty to even out the surface and eliminate streaks from the print.
Alternatively, a light layer of plaster and vinyl glue can be applied to the inside of the tunnel. To be sanded once dry.

Painting can be done with opaque acrylic colours. A dark gray color is recommended.
Subsequent passes can be carried out with various highlighting techniques to highlight flows of water and moss in order to dirty and make the painting less uniform.

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