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Passion and Innovation

This is how we like to work.

Because passion stimulates creativity and technological innovation helps us make the dream come true.

We print in FDM 3D

FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) technology is particularly suitable for printing objects of discrete dimensions with functional purposes and prototypes. It uses spools of plastic filament that is melted and deposited on the printing bed one layer on top of the other, until the complete object is drawn.

We print in DLP / LCD 3D

DLP / LCD technology uses a special UV-sensitive resin that hardens when exposed to the light of a DLP projector or LCD screen. It offers the advantage of a very high resolution allowing the printing of very small and detailed details.

We engrave and cut by laser

To complete the creation of some of our objects, we use lasers to engrave and cut details on sheets of cardboard, wood or plastic.


We are constantly looking for an excellent relationship between quality and convenience. This is why we continue to test new products that are innovative and eco-sustainable, such as PLA and its variants, which is commonly derived from renewable resources and is industrially compostable.

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