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Double portal in N scale - cod. 1282

SKU: 1282.PRT.W59
Select Distance between tracks

N scale reproduction (1:160) of a double tunnel portal for classic and high-speed railway lines, with a distance between the two tracks of 59 mm. It is possible to customize the distance of the two portals to adapt to the track center distance from 59 mm up to 67 mm.

Additional tunnels are available for straight lines which lengthen the depth effect of the tunnel.

The portal consists of two single tunnels with a depth of 20 mm and a wall containing the two tunnels at the chosen distance. Supplied unpainted.

3D printed with FDM technology in eco-friendly concrete-like light gray PLA material, the portal wall is laser engraved to simulate concrete casting formwork.

Products to complete the gallery:

  • Additional tunnel for 1-track straight line: code 1282.TA.R0
  • Side retaining walls: code 1283.MCC

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