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Guardrail 3 waves for bridges - N scale

SKU: 1700.KIT.L70
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Reproduction in N scale (1:160) faithful to the original of a bridge edge barrier with 3-wave reinforced guardrail, as per Italian regulations.

Designed to complete the road bridge cod. 1202

The "complete kit" variant has an overall length of 70 cm and is composed of 4 sections of 14 cm each + 4 end parts of 3.5 cm each. In this way it is possible to obtain 2 complete sections of 35 cm in length to place on the sides of the bridge.

The "sections only" variant has a total length of 56 cm (4 sections of 14 cm) to lengthen the barrier if you already have the end parts.

    3D printed in gray resin with high finish and faithful reproduction.

    Each piece is equipped with joints for easy and precise assembly, both between the sections and between the end parts.

    The item is already ready to be painted.

    Resin finish

    Use a drop of cyanoacrylate glue on one of the two parts to be glued and keep under pressure for a few seconds.

    Does not require sanding. The surface is already smooth, clean and ready for painting.

    We recommend starting by giving a first coat of paint with a gray or white acrylic-based primer. Once dry, continue by applying a coat, again based on acrylic, of the desired colour.
    Use the airbrush to obtain an optimal finish and preserve the details of the pieces.

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