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Guardrail 2 waves for roads - Scale H0

SKU: 1501.KIT.L92
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Reproduction in H0 scale (1:87) faithful to the original of the classic 2-wave roadside guardrail, as per Italian legislation.

The item includes the following pieces:

  • No. 5 sections of 18.4 cm each, for a total length of 92 cm.
  • N. 2 shaped end parts with bracket 0.9 cm long each.
  • N. 2 shaped end parts without bracket, each 0.9 cm long.

The sections and end parts have been designed to be easily fit together.

3D printed in gray resin with high finish and faithful reproduction.

The item is already ready to be painted.

Resin finish

Use a drop of cyanoacrylate glue on one of the two parts to be glued and keep under pressure for a few seconds.

Does not require sanding. The surface is already smooth, clean and ready for painting.

We recommend starting by giving a first coat of paint with a gray or white acrylic-based primer. Once dry, continue by applying a coat, again based on acrylic, of the desired colour.
Use the airbrush to obtain an optimal finish and preserve the details of the pieces.

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