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Double track tunnels

H0 scale reproduction (1:87) of a series of tunnels for double track railway lines. The modular system allows you to customize the galleries according to your needs. Portals of various types and finishes are included, tunnel interiors to match and additional accessories such as side retaining walls and columns to add to the portal.

Straight tunnels

Choose the portal and match the tunnel to the intertrack you use without sacrificing realism. We have two sizes for pairs of tracks, narrow or wide.


Curve galleries

If the tunnel entrance is curved, you can choose the portal and combine the tunnel with it by choosing between narrower (R2-R3) or wider (R4-R5) radius


The finish you prefer

Choose the base between bricks or stones that you can paint as you prefer

Columns for important portals

Make your portal relevant. Add side columns to change the look of the tunnel entrance

Add retaining walls

Complete the tunnel with retaining walls equipped with a drainage channel. Guaranteed scenic effect.

Infinite combinations

You can combine and mix the accessories for the various portals with the chosen finishes as you like.

You can't imagine how many combinations are possible!

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