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New tunnels, now also double track

H0 scale reproduction (1:87) of a series of tunnels for double track railway lines. The modular system allows you to customize the galleries according to your needs.

  • 2 tunnel entrances are available for straight lines (portal + internal tunnel) with different intertracks: 46 mm narrow and up to 62 mm wide.
  • For curved lines we have specifically designed 2 other tunnel entrances for narrow radii (R2 - R3) and wider radii (R4 - R5)

Every need has its solution, without sacrificing realism and allowing all convoys, even the longest ones, to pass without a hitch.

  • You can choose the finish between bricks or stones which you can paint as you prefer.
  • Make your portal relevant. Add side columns to change the look of the tunnel entrance
  • Complete the tunnel with retaining walls equipped with a drainage channel. Guaranteed scenic effect.


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