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Shoulder for Piacenza railway viaduct - Scale N

SKU: 1206.SPL.H52
Select track surface height

Reproduction in N scale (1:160), faithful to the original, of the abutment (terminal part) of the "Piacenza" railway viaduct , in modern style, which reproduces the viaduct built for the high-speed line near Piacenza.

Perfectly reproduced and sized thanks to FDM 3D printing technology with concrete-like gray PLA material, it is supplied in a single piece, ready to use.

Available in the following sizes:

  • Height from the track surface: 52 mm (equivalent to real life approximately 8.30 metres)
  • Height from track surface : 64 mm (equivalent to real life approximately 10 metres)
  • Customizable from a minimum of 50 mm to a maximum of 80 mm

The item can already be used raw or can be easily worked and painted for an optimal finish.

Please check the track height as per the dimensioned drawing.

Finish of the bioPLA material

Where assembly between the pieces is required, we recommend using cyanoacrylate glue for a quick and resistant fixing. We recommend lightly sanding the parts to be glued.

To mitigate the streaking effect, you can roughen with 180/240 grit sandpaper and continue with finer grits, up to 1000 for the final sanding. It is recommended to moisten the sandpaper or wet the piece with cold water to avoid overheating the surface too much, as the PLA material could knead at high temperatures.
The use of power tools for sanding is not recommended.

Use acrylic products of the desired color with a matt finish (for cement, gray RAL 7035). To obtain a more uniform surface, the use of an airbrush or spray can is recommended. You can apply multiple coats until you are satisfied, leave to dry between coats.

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