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Desk pen holder E402B

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The E402B writing serves as a container for pens, markers, pencils, brushes and other commonly used objects found on our work or study desks.

The stylized shape of the modern FS locomotive in the famous Frecciabianca livery is beautifully displayed next to the writing.

3D printed with 4-color bioPLA material, it is supplied already assembled.

Available in three versions:

  • Standard : neutral pedestal, without writing, with textured finish.
  • Frecciabianca : pedestal with FRECCIABIANCA writing, textured finish.
  • Personalised : pedestal with writing chosen by the customer positioned under the wheels of the locomotive. Choose the "Personalized" variant and write the text in the field that appears, independently.

For further customizations with logo or graphics you can contact me by clicking here

E402B FS locomotive
Source: Wikipedia
The E.402B are modern-concept Italian State Railways locomotives born as an evolution of the previous E.402A group
The history of the E.402B locomotives was born following the success of the bigger E.402A sisters and with a further need to modernize the rolling stock, new 3 kV DC electric locomotives were designed to complement the now elderly E.444s for the towing long-distance passenger trains on national electrified lines.
Conceived as flagship machines of the Italian State Railways, thanks to their good qualities of power, technology and on-board reliability (capable of reaching maximum speeds above 200 km/h if necessary), the E.402Bs have taken on over the years, on the Italian network managed by RFI, also the assignment of locomotives of some prestigious international trains, including the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express.

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