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BR103 desk pen holder

SKU: 2103.STD
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The BR103 writing serves as a container for pens, markers, pencils, brushes and other commonly used objects found on our work or study desks.

The stylized shape of the famous DB locomotive flagship in the TEE livery is proudly displayed next to the lettering.

3D printed with 4-color bioPLA material, it is supplied already assembled.

Available in two versions:

  • Standard : neutral pedestal, without writing, with textured finish.
  • Personalised : pedestal with writing chosen by the customer positioned under the wheels of the locomotive. Choose the "Custom" variant and write the text in the field that appears, independently.

For further customizations with logo or graphics you can contact me by clicking here

Series 103 locomotive
Source: Wikipedia
The series 103 locomotive is a series of German electric locomotives, originally operated by the Deutsche Bundesbahn. For a long time it was considered the flagship of German locomotives.
In 1965, the first four prototypes were completed and took the name Series E 03 (or Series 103.0 following the renewal of the numbering system). During test runs in Augsburg they achieved a constant speed of 200 km/h. The first series production model of the Series 103.1 was put into service on May 27, 1970.
With a total number of 145 units produced, the Series 103.1 became the backbone of the Trans-Europ Express and InterCity services.

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